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The SolaRoof Goal is to transform our homes, building a Solar Greenhouse in the backyard or creating new Garden Home concepts and Eco Village or urban Eco Habitat design through an Open Source initiative for Sustainable Living sponsored by and based on the work of Richard Nelson and other pioneers of the Liquid Bubble Insulation and Liquid Solar technologies.

Eco Friends, Sign-up and Say Hello

Those that visit the Wiki and Drupal site are encouraged to sign-up and say hello. Tell us what you feel about protecting the environment, and growing food with a small carbon footprint. We would be thrilled to hear from you and encourage interaction, collaboration, and promoting one another to a greater level of social responsibility.

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KingdomBuilders - SPIRIT led change

I invite a discussion here and at my SolaRoofGuy WikiBlog on the subject Kingdom Builders as an alternative vision about how to build a better world. Do we focus on economy, environment, society, education and technology? What about our SPIRITUAL connection with people, planet, Life and all of Creation? Do you find, as I do, that there are universal truths that reveal the oneness in the diversity of Life, cultures and peoples?

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